[HOW-TO] Moving phone contacts to Google Contacts

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    Don't know if anyone noticed, I haven't seen anyone mention it yet that I recall, but there is an option in the ICS version of People to Move Contacts, tried it on my work phone, you just open People, press Menu then select Move contacts. You can then select Phone (most people want to move phone contacts to Google, but should work the other way as well), then where you want to move the contacts to (assuming Google here), then confirm and it moves them automatically... give it a couple minutes to sync up then change the viewable contacts to Phone Only by pressing the Phonebook drop-down at the top and unticking everything but Phone, then Back button, the list should change to only display the Phone contacts. Now press Menu-Delete and then tick Select All, and Delete (xx) and once that finishes the contact list should be empty (don't panic), just press the Phonebook drop-down at the top, untick Phone and tick everything else. Now all your contacts are on Google Contacts and there should be nothing in the phone contacts!
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