How to move music to SD card? (Razr M)

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    I'm sure this has been asked a lot, but I'm desperate.

    I just got the Razr M a week ago and it's awesome. I set it up to my computer and I had it open Windows Media Player when I plugged it in to my computer to charge it. I tried getting it to sync a few times to WMP and never did, so I gave up. Today I plugged it into my computer to charge and it actually synced!

    My problem is though I have an 8GB SD card and I have no idea how to get the music files to save to the SD card/external memory. When it comes up on WMP, it says it's saving to the Internal phone memory. They only give you about 3GB of free internal memory with this phone, so I'm not gonna waste the memory putting songs on here when I can just use an SD card. I've tried going to the Storage setting and seeing if I can change it, but there is no option under Internal Memory to do so (that's what the Verizon site said to do). I also tried going to Files and moving the Music to the SD card file, but it didn't work. I got my pics and video to save to the SD card... but not the music.

    Currently, because my mom is anti-Apple products, I use an old LG EnV Touch phone as a music player. I have songs saved to a 16GB SD card and it saves to it perfectly.
    So I guess my question is- how do I get music to automatically save to my SD card when I transfer music to my phone... and also, if I take out the 8GB SD card and put in the 16GB SD card with all of my music in, will all of the music sync onto my new phone?
    Sorry this is long... but I really want this to work! The LG is pretty old and it's starting to ware out.

    Thank you!
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