How to make a MM something-or-other

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    This is actually a two parter.

    1) Where can I find info on creating a MM apk set up? For example, let's say I created an icon pack, or icons for framework-res, or even a modded widget and I wanted to share it and allow people to use MM to install it. How would I go about it? I'm lost on XML so a "template" approach wouldn't be bad.

    2) The lessor important one, why when you take the background PNG file and change it, the layout changes sometimes? For example, I just downloaded the latest setCPU and when I got the widget to work, it had the smoked glass square BG. Then when I went in and dropped the opacity down on the widget BG image, the text that was confined in the box, now spreads to the edges of the allowed area for the icon/widget space. Any thoughts?

    Thanks everyone, keep up the great work!
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    This is kind of a crappy guide, but How to MetaMorph/Theme - xda-developers <-- will give you a general rundown of how it all works. All in video format for the most part, from the developer. XML there is a video there on it as well, but I haven't tried it. As soon as I realized my old themes didn't work with it, I dropped back to the free version.

    I did glance at the video, and making a theme using the xml format doesn't seem much harder, it is just my laziness for not wanting to convert them right now.

    I can help out if you have questions, I would assume there are better guides out there, I haven't ran across one though. Another good thing you can do is to download someone's theme that isn't in format and reverse-engineer it. Look at their .thm file (or .xml file if available), see if you can figure out how it is done. The .thm files aren't too complicated, .xml files seem to follow a similar idea, just with more options of stuff to input (pictures, descriptions, links...etc). The theme I used to help figure out what I was doing was AdamZ's SG.

    As for question 2, I have no clue. I don't think I have experienced that one before, at least that I have noticed.