How to limit annoying Facebook Notifications?

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    How do I severely limit what notifications I get on my android phone Facebook app? I thought I went in & set the notifications to only send me what I want but I must be doing something wrong. I get waaaay too many notifications about stupid stuff like “Susie just added to her story, Mary has a status update (whatever that means) or Bob just added a photo” etc. Ultimately I would like to limit all notifications to just:

    -If someone posted/commented on something I posted.
    -If someone tagged me in a photo.

    Basically, things that are directly related to me just to keep it simple.

    To make things a bit more complicated I have 2 separate FB accounts. So I launched the FB app & logged into FB account #1. I went into the FB app settings on my phone & made changes to the notification options that I thought would give me the result I wanted. Then I logged out then logged into FB account #2 & did the same things. I thought I did it right. But I still got the stupid notices. So the other day I went into the phones setting then apps & selected Facebook. Then I went to notifications. On the top of the page was the name of acct#1. It showed many if not all the same options as the notification page in the app itself (without the helpful descriptions). I made the changed I thought would work. I scrolled down to acct#2 & did the same thing. I hope that fixed the issue. Nope I still get annoying notifications. I definitely don’t want to just block all notifications because it's super handy to get birthday updates & notices that someone replied to my posts. Its all the other crap I don’t want to see. I rarely actually go onto either of the FB accounts via laptop. So what am I missing? Do I need to log into the account from my laptop & make changes at that level? Any help I can get would be great! Thanks!