How to keep current with new ROM's

Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by mwhartman, Mar 3, 2010.

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    It seems, to me, that every week some developer releases a new ROM or an update to an existing ROM. I'm grateful for their constant effort to make our phones better.

    There are so many different ROM's and sites that I can't seem to keep up with everything. For example, earlier this morning, I was reading a thread on Bugless Beast 1.2. Another member commented about Chevy releasing an entire new Rom, which I was glad to know.

    From comments I've read in the threads, two of the most popular sites to check for new releases are alldroid and

    I would appreciate hearing from other members what places/sites they use to keep current with the new releases. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Beats me Mike.
    Suddenly I see version x.y of a rom and say "oh look...another version".

    I don't know how many go and grab x.1, x.2, x.3 of their favorite flavor, especially if what they are running works.

    I don't even know how many flavors there are. SG, BB, SS, DM. Those are the big ones I know of but I know I'm leaving a few out most likely. appears to be another one that is coming along.

    Just when you think you've got all the goodies along come things like that holds who knows what sort of surprises. Some of those you don't even have to be rooted for either. One of these days we'll either get voice activated bluetooth officially or it will come out of one of these system.tar files for another phone.

    Short answer? read, read, read:)