How to install Ubuntu on Bionic

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    This WILL install Ubuntu on your phone and it WILL work. There are just a couple of problems:

    1)It does something to the startup scripts and bricks your phone if you shut it down and restart it, or reboot it. The hang up is so early in the boot process that "reboot into recovery" won't even get to recovery. Stock recovery still comes up, but you can't restore a backup from there, so it's not much use.

    2)It will also stop the lapdock from working (while the phone is still running before you try to reboot).

    The good news is that RSDlite works just fine to get you back up and running and the image that I found from this site will bring you back to .902 without any problems:
    -[How to] get to 5.9.902 Rooted Easiest way

    Then you can go from 902 to 904 (while you are on a stock rom) with the link on this page:
    5.9.904 Update for Droid Bionic Leaked! - DROID BIONIC - droidHIVE Forums

    Make sure you re-root and install your favorite rom (you will need loop support that might not be available on a stock rom). I used KIN3TX. The link found in post #4 of this thread will work on 902 or 904:

    Ubuntu will install with 902 or 904 without any problems. Follow the guide here:
    How to Install Ubuntu on Android! | Android+Linux=AndroLinux

    There are a couple of points I learned along the way:

    1)The SDK for android is a LOT easier to install for windows than for Linux, so I just did it in Windows. The "Platform-tools" are not installed automatically. If you look in the "tools" directory, there is a file called "adb_has_moved.txt." It tells you what to do.

    2)You will also get a problem when you get to the step "How To Install Programs On Your Ubuntu." It is right after step 12. The fix is easy-peasy. The problem is that the sources list is out of date. Just scroll down to the bottom of the tutorial and he tells you how to fix it. It is the part where he talks about 404 errors, right after the part where he's talking about busybox.

    3)You can also skip the part where he says to install LXDE. It is listed as being an optional step and it doesn't work anyway. Some files are missing after setup.

    Well, that's pretty much about it. I'm going to quit messing with it on my main phone and I'll start playing around again once my screen comes in for my spare phone. I do believe the problem is somewhere in the script. The problem happens as soon as you run that script. You don't even have to run "bootubuntu" to get bricked. That tells me that the phone starts fine, a startup script is changed with, then it gets unhappy on the next reboot.

    If someone else wants to fix it, that would be COOL. :icon_ lala:
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