[How To] Install Swype Beta (3.0)

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    I didn't see this thread so I am posting the instructions on how to install the newest version of Swype if were already part of the "Beta" but your phone has Swype Pre-installed (Droid X, Droid 2, etc). This was in the Swype Droid X forums but to my understanding this could also work for any phones with Swype Pre-installed (NOT 100% CONFIRMED DO AT YOUR OWN RISK). The instructions are from Swype Forum member grooves12, so thanks go to him.

    "Tutorial: Installing Beta Swype on Droid X (or other pre-installed devices)
    First, your Droid X must be rooted. There is plenty of info out there on how to accomplish this.

    Get a root file manager (I use root explorer)
    1. Change your default input method to anything other than Swype.
    2. Mount file system as R/W
    3. Delete (or move/rename) \system\app\swype.apk
    4. Delete (or move/rename) \data\dalvik-cache\system@app@Swype.apk@classes.dex
    5. Delete (or move/rename) \system\lib\libSwypeCore.so
    6. Reboot
    7. Download and Run the latest Swype Beta installer
    8. ENJOY!

    I hold no responsibility if you screw up your system, and recommend you make a backup before attempting this, but, the above steps worked perfectly for me, and I am now running the latest Swype beta on my X.

    These steps should also work on other models that come pre-installed with Swype from the factory, but I don't have another one to test, so have no way of being sure. If anyone tries it, let me know if it works for you!"

    Original thread here
    Post on any devices that you have gotten it to work on. I myself have it working on my Droid X, and its AWESOME!!! dancedroid
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