How to Install a Theme on a Droid 2

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    Pre-Installation Tasks:
    You must have root. You can use our One Click Root in this THREAD.
    You must have Koush's Bootstrap program for your device. Download from Market or check HERE.
    1. Open Bootstrap
    2. Tap "Bootstrap Recovery" - if you have not installed yet on new ROM
    3. Tap "Allow" if asked to grant SU Persmission - If you have not granted it SU permission
    4. Tap "OK' on "Success" screen - if you have not installed yet on new ROM
    5. Tap "Reboot Recovery"
    6. You will be booted into Recovery
    7. Use Volume up/down keys to navigate through menu. Press Camera button to Confirm selection. Power button to back up to last menu.
    8. Mount System - Screen will read "UNMOUNT /SYSTEM" when mounted
    9. Back out to Main Menu
    10. Install Zip From SD Card
    11. Choose Zip From SD Card
    12. Select your Zip File
    13. Yes - Install
    14. Reboot

    -Credit to | Droid 2 Themes | Droid 2 Apps