How to get talk and text on Metropcs

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    Hi guys,

    Please reply or point me to correct topic. Thnaks.

    I currently use a Nokia 1006 for MetroPCS. I got a moto droid few weeks ago and I have followed steps from some tutorials (Droid on Metropcs) and used HW virtual serial port, CDMA WS 2.7 and written 03015.prl, and NV items (can you pls explain wht this is?) from to my phone and also changed the MIN (got from old phone) and MND (myphone number) on the phone as per the tutorial. I also went ahead and changed the APN settings for MetroPCS in tutorial. I thought after this process I can place calls from my new droid?? When I call says LA 03 "the number cannot be dialed'. Isn't this enough to get talk and text?
    Anyhuv, my further research I read we need to call *228 for activation (can you explain what is activation and if it's needed for talk and text) ... I did that and spoke to an agent and he tells me my phone serial number is not in metropcs database, he asked me to first flash the phone at a neearby store and then said Motorola Droid is not supported? I'm totally confused right now. I'm complete newbie .. I donno what is flashing, donno what is activation, what is NV items, prl .. nothing I just did the steps and assumed talk and text at least will work. Can any1 tell me what else I need to do to get talk and text on Droid for Metropcs. I want to do it myseld and understand. I have spent three weeks trying to research but honestly am frustrated and donno what to do. Please explain the process briefly so everything I did can make sense to me. Thanks in advance.
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