How To Flash Your LG G4 Back To Stock

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    Now is the time to get those older devices sold. With seemingly everyone currently in the market for a new device for Christmas you should be able to get top dollar for your used devices. The LG G4 should be a hot seller as it is only a few months old. If you are looking to replace your LG G4 with a newer device like the Nexus 6P or the LG V10 you will want to first return your G4 to factory stock settings. Of course if you have any other issues with your G4 and need to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs you will want to first return the device to stock. Flashing your device to stock will also unbrick your device in case you accidentally flash the wrong firmware.

    Flashing a TOT file is the tried and true method of returning your LG device to factory settings. Flashing a TOT file can be confusing. If you are able to follow directions though it should be no problem. User "Hyelton" has put together an in depth guide for flashing the TOT file to the LG G4. The guide also includes a video to make things super easy. Head to the link below for the guide and download links.

    via XDA