How to enable compcache in kernel?

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    I would really like to get this accomplished if anyone has been successful could you tell me my error.

    OK Here is what i did:

    applied the 2.6.29 patch from the compcache downloads at

    using apocalypses .config from his tutorial
    i enabled Crypto > lzo compression tried as build in and as modules
    modprobe lzo_compress gives me
    modprobe: chdir(2.6.29-omap1-g7fa8788-dirty): No such file or directory

    when enabled lzo compression as <M> and tried
    insmod /system/modules/lzo_compress.ko
    insmod: invalid module format

    lsmod gives me nothing so i know no modules are loaded. i also tried setting force load modules in menuconfig, of course unsuccessful
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modprobe: chdir(3.6.0-xilinx-dirty): no such file or directo