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    I've been exploring the internet for three days just trying to get Fission to work and a lot of information was out-of-reach simply because I was looking for it with google instead of wandering around pages or Twitter posts and forum threads. So here's everything I've gathered on the Droid Pro involving mods and ROMs and I'm hoping if there are any future me's who get their first Android phone soon and it's a Droid Pro they can just go here.


    Rooting is giving root access to your phone, for non-Linux users that means having administrator privileges, for non-Computer people Root is like home-owner, it can do whatever it wants.

    How to Root:

    Step 1 - Install USB Driver for your phone. This allows you to diddle with your phone using your computer. I don't know if you really need it but why risk it.

    Step 2 - Turn on USB debugging on in your phone (settings > applications > development > enable USB debugging) and plug it in using the 'Charge Only' state.

    Step 3 - aRoot. Extract the file using 7-zip ( and run aroot.bat.

    (note: aRoot is meant for Atrix phones under AT&T but if it worked on my Verizon Droid Pro unlike z4root which does nothing. Don't bother with z4root)

    ROMs/Recovery Mode:

    This is a more interesting subject since a) I've only seen one Droid Pro ROM and b) I haven't tried the CWM Rom Recovery for Droid Pro since it was never mentioned anywhere I read, I only found it while I was looking around koush's site (this is after I asked him if I should use the Droid X or Droid 2 versions of course!).

    Step 1 - Download the ROM you want on your phone. (there's only one)

    Step 2 - Install ROM Manager and Droid 2 Bootstrap

    Step 3 - Launch Droid 2 Bootstrap and tap Bootstrap Recovery, go to ROM Manager and flash the recovery with either the Droid 2 recovery or figure out how to use this (<the official CWM recovery image) to flash instead.

    Step 4 - Figure out what to do and tell me so I can finish this part. I've been messing with my phone for about 5 hours today trying to do something I sought out to do Sun/Mon (I don't even remember which).


    Well if you are actually reading this then you either borked your phone or you don't know what an SBF is.

    Well, here you go.

    So anyway I'm hoping to have a full how-to mod the droid pro thing going after I fix my phone and finally get things done. I also hope this isn't one of those forums where you can't edit your posts because I want people to click on this and instantly have a hacked/modded Droid Pro instead of the head aches and confusion and broken-phone and all that.

    Questions (Mine):

    How do you use that recovery image I linked and are there any proper steps to flashing in existence that work 100%?

    Did I miss any ROMs or is there a newer version of the one I posted?
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