How to disable music sync in Motorola Media Link

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    Both Moto Media Link and DoubleTwist create errors in my albums on my Droid. Albums imported from iTunes get broken into multiple pieces, artists split up, Unknown Artists, etc. I like everything organized like my iTunes. I've had to delete and reorganize everything more than once. No, I don't use Playlists.

    So, now I'm using iTunes Agent, which actually does exactly what I want....but it's only for syncing music. I need something solid to sync my photos and videos. DoubleTwist has been amazingly slow and buggy. Media Link does those syncs ok.

    How can I use Media Link but have it leave my music alone? It has an option to disable syncing, but it appears to disable all syncing at once. Is there a way to set it Media Link to just sync my photos and videos?
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