How to delete USB_Disk1 and 2,3,4,5

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    I rooted and installed safestrap recovery using Droid Razr utility 1.82 on a Razr Maxx. All worked fine, installed Titenium and got rid of the conflict with bloatware. Couldn't get safe zone to work no matter what I did. I made a back up of the unsafe zone and then enabled safe zone and then tried to restore it to the safe zone. Seemed to work but when I try to boot into the safe zone it loops after the M logo. TRied it several time with formatting and deleting cache, etc. No matter what didn't boot in safe zone.

    But I don't have the bloatware conflict anymore so . . . at this point just don't care about safe zone anymore. Now just want to delete a bunch of USB_DISK1 and 2 etc. that are created each time safe zone is enabled.

    Can anyone pls help? How to delete this USB_DISKx files?

    Thanks, not sure what would of happen with out the great info on this forum! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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    Ansel, though I don't have any suggestions for your specific problem, I do have these two suggestions:

    One, in your profile, fill in which phone you are using now and/or indicate it in your post, especially if it is different from the one in your profile.

    Second, there is a section on this site for the Droid RAZR here which probably has the subsection for your exact Droid RAZR model. I will ask this thread be moved there so you will get more help than here.

    good luck
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