How to create droid themes? Any PC apps to help??

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    I have been messing around with my phone now for the past few weeks. I tried photoshopping images within the APK and applying them to the phone. Though successful with a good majority of the changes, I do have some problems. Mostly getting rid of the "orange" stuff like when you highlight a button. It was hit or miss. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it would make the image look messed up or stretched out.

    So my questions are:

    1>Are they any applications I can use to help create themes? How do people create themese for metamorph? I have been piecing together my current look(see attached photos) by taking apart various metamorph themes and pasting parts into the proper folders, rezipping the files, changing the files extension to .apk, then deleting the original on my phone, and then sending over my edited one. I don't like how some people change everything in the theme, so thats why i have been piecing together them to make what I think looks good. I'm tired of frankensteining my phone, I want to create my own. I

    2>Also is there a way to tell like what files go to what? Like say I wanted to edit the keyboard only or edit the pattern lock stuff only or just the status bar, etc. I know some stuff sticks out like the status bar, but I don't know if all files associated with status bar will have status bar in the file title, etc.

    3>Also is there a pc app that can show me how what I change will look on the phone. I know with blackberry this is something that emulates the phone on your pc with how your theme is.
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    Subscribing, because I am also interested in this and did a search and did not come across a ton of information out there.
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