How do zeppelinrox's 3G TurboCharger and Kick Ass Kernelizer work?

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    Zeppelinrox from has created some pretty awesome scripts, and he explains the infamous (just kidding :wink-b:) V6 SuperCharger pretty well here: [Script][U9RC6.9] U HAZ REDRAW & LAG? Y U NO -=SUPERCHARGER=- IT BAK? FIX RAM GUD!! - xda-developers (It made my OG Droid 1 undeniably faster, by the way).

    However, I can't find any post where zeppelinrox explains what exactly it is that 3G TurboCharger and Kick Ass Kernelizer do; there are just installation instructions, download links, and update changelogs. I've been searching all over the place, but I haven't found any answers. I'm worried that they overclock the hardware, since (I think) overclocking wears down hardware quite a bit faster. I've had my trusty Droid for over 2 years now, but I'm hoping to keep it running for another year, when hopefully Ubuntu will have started integrating with Android. (That's gonna be awesome :in love:; it'll be the best thing since Google+)

    So does anyone know how 3G TurboCharger and/or Kick Ass Kernelizer work?
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