How do you download Bing (without VZW)?

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    Bing for Verizon Wireless seems to have eliminated the turn-by-turn navigation feature and forces you to use VWZ's expensive navigation. While you can locate native Bing (without VZW) on Google Play, it says it's incompatible with my device, Droid 4, and disables download.

    Is there any way to download Bing regular (not Bing for VZW)? It was the same deal with my WM phone. When you download Bing for WM through Verizon, it didn't have the turn-by-turn navigation. But you could download the Bing app directly from MS, which had the turn-by-turn navigation enabled.

    Yes, I know Google Map has turn-by-turn navigation, but I prefer Bing's voice recognition to Google Map's by a mile.
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