How do I use voice search on my phone?

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    From the Motorola Website:

    There are several voice commands available for use on your device. To use Voice Search, press Microphone Icon and say a command

    Call -------john doe, mobile phone
    Navigate--to pizza in Palo alto
    Map-------of gas stations
    Or simply, say a word and see the search results in the browser.

    To voice dial:

    1) Press and hold the SEARCH button.

    You’re prompted to speak.

    2) Say “Call” followed by the name of the contact you want to call.

    If Google search by voice finds a match, it dials the contact’s default number.

    You cannot initiate voice search from a headset

    At this time the using Bluetooth for voice dialing only supports dialing last number. A full featured version may be available via the Android Marketplace.
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