How do I transfer photos from old phones internal storage to SD card

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    I got a replacement RAZR from Verizon yesterday since my original one kept freezing on me and I kept getting "____ application is not responding" for just about everything. So far, in spite of the 62 stock applications, I haven't noticed any of the old problems with this phone. But, my SD card that I transferred from the old phone didn't have all the pictures on it, they are still on my old phone. I guess somehow the picture storage got changed from SD card to internal storage. I tried unmounting the card and putting in back in the old phone but I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures on the card. When I put the card back in the new phone, ALL the pictures were gone except the once I had taken with the new phone.

    Before getting the replacement phone, I did a factory reset on the old phone and all the files (internal?) were still there. Shouldn't they have been erased if they were internal? How can I get these files on my SD card. I am also missing backup files for apps. that I backed up to my SD card, that I need to reinstall on the new phone.
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