How Do I Root GingerBread 2.3.6 Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost

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    I have, over many months, including most of today, read a lot about how to root the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail android smartphone.

    It seems, based on various forum posts I have read, like a significant percentage of Prevail owners, ultimately, end up encountering some kind of problem(s), sometimes major and sometimes minor, after rooting.

    The Samsung Galaxy Prevail is, I guess, a really old smartphone. Consequently, many of the links, especially links to files necessary for rooting, are now broken.

    Can anyone tell me if it is really possible to root my Samsung Galaxy Prevail 1 without, after rooting, encountering problems that I did not have before rooting? And, if it is, from where can I download the files and read a "how to", for doing so? Judging from forum posts, it seems as if a high percentage of "rooters" end up with problem(s), after rooting.

    I have read of people who have rooted their Prevail and ended up with problems such as:
    • gps issues
    • erratic phone behaviour(freezing, crashing, etc.)
    • camera no longer works
    • cant receive or send text messages
    and on and on.

    What I would like to do is root my Prevail(SPH-M820-BST), but, then, leave it, essentially, stock(rom, kernel, etc.). I don't want to partition my class 4, 8 GB, sd card, extend my phone's internal memory onto the sd card, or anything, for now. I don't want to install a custom rom or kernel, for now. I just want to root the phone without encountering problem(s), as a result of rooting, that reduce the phone's functionality compared to before rooting.

    Again, it seems like most forum threads I have read on the subject have posts from quite a few people who have ended up with problems, after rooting.

    I even happened to talk to a guy that said he would never, ever, root again, because the files he downloaded, from a forum, to do so ended up infecting his Windows XP computer so badly that he had to buy xp and reinstall. I certainly can not afford to replace a computer or my phone; after all, I was talking to this guy in the waiting room of a hospital, where I was getting treatment that I can't even afford to continue.

    Currently, I rely, heavily, on Google Maps Navigation, GPS functionality, texting(mms and sms), bluetooth, usb, phone camera, and so on. I probably use the bulk of, if not all of, my Prevail's functionality on a regular basis.

    Some of the reasons I would now root, if I could do so without encountering problems, include:
    • To use a data compression app
    • To Use a Firewall App
    • To, possibly, remove some pre-installed apps

    Samsung Galaxy Prevail
    Boost Mobile
    model: SPH-M820-BST
    android version: 2.3.6
    baseband version: S:M820.07x.FA19
    kernel version:
    build number: Gingerbread.FA19
    hardware version: M820.07
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