How do I get audio books? (Not using Audible)

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    This may sound retarded, but for some reason, I can not figure out how to download audiobooks. I found a ton of websites claiming to have a bunch, but when I click on the book I want, it turns out to be an ebook, every time! I downloaded MortPlayer because I heard good things about it, but dont have any audio books to use with it... Where do I get them and how do I play them on MortPlayer?

    BTW, I have searched google a lot on this subject and just find lots of links to apps that play them, how to play different formats, and a **** ton of links to audible, but nothing on how to get the book on my phone and playing.

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks in advance.

    I feel like an idiot with this... I can build and set up a computer, solve network issues and computer crashes, but can't get a ****ing audio book to work when I see a lot of old people doing it... so frustrating! lol
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