How do I download and install items from Android Market?

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    From the Motorola Website:

    1. Download applications to your phone

    o download applications to your phone:

    From the Home screen, touch the Market icon
    (First Time Users) Touch Accept to accept the Android Market Terms of Service
    Touch Games or Apps

    Tip: You can also search for games or applications by pressing the magnifying glass.
    Touch the game or application that you want to download
    Touch Install. The application is downloaded to your device.

    If an app you are downloading requires access to your data or control of functions on your phone, you’ll be asked to give your permission. After selecting Install, the app will download. After selecting Buy, you may be asked to sign in to an additional Google account. Sign in and select Purchase now to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions. To see the download progress, open the notifications window.
    If you download a Widget application, the Widget is not automatically added to your desktop. You will have to manually add the widget. Click on the link to learn more.

    2. Problems with the purchase

    To locate the contact information of an application you purchased from Android market:

    Launch Android market from your phone
    Search for the application name
    Scroll down to About the developer
    Information such as developer website and email address should be listed.

    3. How to purchase applications

    Buying apps - Android Market Help for information on to purchase applications from Android market.

    4. Manage and Restore Apps

    To manage your apps, from your phone’s home screen press Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications

    Touch the app to open the details screen—from here you can review, uninstall, and more.

    To reinstall any downloaded items, Open Market > Press Menu > Touch Downloads. All previously installed apps are listed and available for download.

    For more information on Android market, please visit Android Market Help
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