How about we get an original stock rom here to start things off? (I need one)

Discussion in 'Droid 4 ROMS' started by Joseph007, Feb 12, 2012.

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    thats a good idea i was looking at them this morning, when i referred you to the older ones i was only suggesting that razr files might be a good place to look for a fix. you know as well as me old files arent the way to go lol... anyway good luck with the fix! i like to see unbricked phones:biggrin: i uploaded a basic rom at worst i think it might not be signed cuz i did it on my laptop which i just installed java on. i didnt get any errors tho so you can mess with that if u like.

    BTY i Did not install the razr safestrap i got mine stock except i rooted, installed busybox then removed alot of blur and replaced most of it with aosp apps and go contacts ex off the market lol
    again im just tring to help ppl who got too antsy and installed bs onto it and want to flash something to get it going again.

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