How 2 demand & get bigger OEM batteries.

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by nomadicnut, Jul 17, 2012.

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    We all now the value of a larger battery in today's smartphones. Just look at the RAZR Maxx vs any other currently offered phone. The battery life of the standard smartphone borders on being ridiculous.

    If as consumers we simply stop purchasing phones with sub-par batteries manufacturers will be forced to adapt to consumer demands.

    I personally believe the average consumer is not well versed enough to see such. How many non tech savvy folks do we all know that couldn't create a shortcut to an app no less comprehend mAh's in a battery. We need to help educate those with less knowledge so we can all reap the long term benefits of being smarter consumers.
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    Well some people just plain don't care where battery life isn't too important because they know a power source is going to be nearby majority of the time. Another misconception is "the bigger the battery the bigger the phone" which still remains true, your Maxx is a bit of an exception. I mean have you seen some smartphones with extended batteries? It looks absolutely ridiculous, almost as if they attached an older flip phone to the back of their smartphones. It's more of battery technology slowed down, while smartphone technology became a more demanding/battery draining tech.

    As for myself, I like my Nexus the way it is. I have put an extended battery in it just for trial and I can really tell the added bulk. It's not much, but it's noticeable and it feels different. Yeah it's nice to have more juice, but I can make it through the day with my stock battery just fine. I'm usually near a source of power 80% of the day anyway.

    And as for stopping the purchase of phones with sub-par batteries, it won't stop me. I see you're an owner of the Maxx, phone with the best stock battery life. By your standards my Nexus battery life is horrible, however, I've remedied it by rooting and ROMing without having to add an extended battery. Battery life is definitely an important factor (after all what's the point of having a phone that dies within 8-10hrs), but there are far more important factors than battery life to me such as the screen, UI, profile, feel of the phone, etc.

    So yes I agree with you that more manufacturers can obtain the same battery life as the Maxx stock for stock while keeping a slim profile, but it's only a matter of time. Besides the Maxx is based off the Razr with the goal of achieving greater battery life, Moto seems to be the only one following that model, making the exact previous phone with a bigger battery. Battery technology is getting better and more importantly the OS is getting better. With that combination not too long from now we'll see smartphones with some great battery life out of the box.