Honor Teases Their New Smartphone Ahead Of CES.

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    CES kicks off tomorrow and we will be seeing lots of tech announced over the next few days. We got our first major announcement from Samsung a day early with the Galaxy A lineup. Today Honor is getting in on the action. They just released a new teaser video for the new Honor phone that will be announced tomorrow. We aren't getting many clues as to what we can expect in the video. The phone is shown for a split second at a time. There is an instance where if you pause the video you can see a guy trying to take a photo of a bunny but he has the camera covered with his hand (so as not to expose the camera setup). In anther scene the same man can be seen taking pictures of buildings, and once again the camera module is covered by his hand. Maybe they have designed an invisible camera for the new Honor Phone!

    The title of the video gives us a bit of a hint. "Double or Nothing - Double Your Experience With New Honor Smartphone" alludes to a dual camera setup. The front of the phone is shown in another split second scene. You can see that the phone has a considerable chin under the display but the thumb covers where a fingerprint scanner/ home button would go if it were to be built into the bottom bezel. Once again the back side is covered by the mans hands where it is seen in the video so we can't see if the fingerprint scanner is on the back of the phone either. The bottom of the phone appears in a scene towards the end of the video and you can see what appears to be a USB Type-C port and two speaker grills, in the same scene you can see the camera but its covered enough that it is not clear if this is a dual camera setup although I would lean to a strong yes. See the video for yourself above. Can you catch anything that I missed?
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