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Home Shortcuts Not Adding To GDE?

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by neccoguy21, May 23, 2010.

  1. neccoguy21

    neccoguy21 New Member

    Apr 28, 2010
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    It seems like any stock app or program i try to create a shortcut to does not work (i've got most of my specs below in my signature). It's been that way for a couple weeks now. the only thing i dont have in my signature i think is the Sicko -gZ theme for GDE. I can create widgets and folders to most. (The Pandora Folder Home Screen Shortcut comes up, but the tunewiki one doesn't). I can create a Shortcut to an icon for an app, of course, but a shortcut to any contact, direct dial, direct message, none of those things woke. any ideas?

    i noticed in an app i got (in no way do i stand behind it if anyone can correct me on the horribleness of said app) called autostarts (the icon is a little red convertible with a dude in it) and when i first went and screwed with settings, I noticed the ability to select whether or not to have the Home and Launcher app start their service if a shortcut was created. I crossed off Home so that just the Launcher's service started for this event. Everything worked fine after that. the only problem was i did something else to myself along the way to just bog the whole thing down. I wiped and rebooted to a backup made earlier that day and when i pulled up autostart again "for the first time", it didn't show a Laucher under the list of what starts with a shortcut creation. (mind you it never said gde was a process that started for this event, but still worked for that brief moment in time.) I installed the launcher, tried to recreate my settings, but alas the important shortcuts i need on my home screen are not working. any suggestions? (side note, my led notification light was not working for the longest time either... slightly different kernels... but about 3 days ago during a bunch of backing up and reformating it started working... dont know what i did)
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