Home Button and Random Clicking Noise???

Discussion in 'Droid X Roms' started by gudziel1482, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I've run into an odd issue. I am running ADW EX right now. I have my phone set to Home Hard Button puts you straight to the home page no matter where you are (other than lockscreen of course). No matter what app I am in, my screen will blink, then the home screen will appear and disappear, blink and then I am right back like I didn't press anything? I double checked the settings, restarted and battery pulled. No idea why it is doing this?

    Also, every so often I will hear two random clicks like I had just locked my phone if I had a noise set in Widgetlocker. I unchecked the option, even disable widgetlocker all together and still get these random clicks?

    Anyone have these issues or suggestions to fix?

    ETA: This screen that flashes my lockscreen. I see a clock in the center of the screen as well as the unlock/silence slider at the bottom. But it is so quick it took me some time to realize that was the screen that was flashing. I disabled widgetlocker lockscreen by unchecking it and it continues to happen.
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