Highest Coupon $35 !! JIAYU G4 Advanced Promotion And Appearance, Battery Evaluation!

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    Here is JIAYU G4 Advanced Smart Phone promotion information From 29th November to 6th December:

    Option A: Jiayu G4 advanced with standard accessories Original Price: 276.99USD Coupon 15USD
    Final price: 261.99USD Coupon: JIAYUG4A

    Option B: A + Screen Protector + Silicon Case + Folding Stand Original Price: 292.78USD Coupon 25USD
    Final price: 267.78USD Coupon: JIAYUG4B

    Option C: B + Flip Hard Cover + 3000mAh Battery Original Price: 329.76USD Coupon 35USD
    Final price: 294.79USD Coupon: JIAYUG4C

    shipping cost excluded, the products will be shipped in 5working days, you can buy from this link: http://www.spemall.com/JIAYU-G4-Adv...Bluetooth-13MP-Camera-Gyroscope-2G-32G_g.html

    JIAYU is always a main high cost-effective route domestic smartphone manufacturers. Before, JIAYU has been launched several phones, including JIAYU G2 and G3, etc., its good hardware performance and high cost performance has been very much welcome by consumer. Recently, JIAYU have launched a high cost-effective smartphone JIAYU G4 Advanced, let's look at below JIAYU G4 Advanced performance.

    The hardware configuration

    From the reference price of JIAYU G4 Advanced, JIAYU G4 Advanced Smartphone price is cheap, and the configuration is also very good. JIAYU G4 Advanced is equipped with a MT6589T quad core 1.2 GHz processor, it is also equipped with 2GB + 32GB of memory, built a 4.7 -inch IPS screen, its resolution reached the mainstream 1280 x720 pixel, it is equipped with 13.0 million pixels back camera, and front-facing camera is 3.0 million pixels. Battery also is very powerful, it is equipped with 3000 mah lithium batteries, all the configuration is very powerful, the performance is very sufficient.

    Unboxing, concise appearance

    On the packaging, JIAYU G4 Advanced use wood grain texture cortex packaging packaging, it appears contracted and rich textures.



    On the accessories, JIAYU G4 Advanced accessories have chargers, data cables, using guide and warranty card certificate, etc., it is not equipped with headphones.


    On the appearance, JIAYU G4 Advanced is the best in quad-core mobile phone, the appearance and workmanship is very solid, it is grade and fashion. JIAYU G4 Advanced is built-in a 4.7 -inch IPS screen, it uses the all joint design, and it used the 2.9 mm ultra narrow border, the machine quality is very good.


    In appearance, JIAYU G4 Advanced positive upper part is equipped with a hidden light, embedded receiver sensors and built-in 3.0 megapixel camera, in order to unified style, the front of the smartphone did not add LOGO, it is very fashionable.


    the bottom of the mobile phone is JIAYU G4 Advanced three touch key, but we found that JIAYU G4 Advanced touch buttons does not spontaneously light, if operating mobile phone in the light or dark environment, it will be a little inconvenient.


    The top of the smartphone set is concise, it is only equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


    JIAYU G4 Advanced below is equipped with a mobile phone microphone, data interface and the gap to open the back cover.


    In fields on both sides of JIAYU G4 Advanced, it respectively have the phone lock screen button and volume buttons. JIAYU G4 Advanced frame design is excellent, it use the aluminum alloy material to build the borders, it use cant edges polishing process, and it also USES mobile phone's internal alloy stents, it enhance phone durability, it also can bring more reliable and more good touch feeling, it also is good for mobile phone itself heat dissipation.


    JIAYU G4 Advanced used the lacquer that bake material back cover, it looks beautiful and fashion, back design is concise, the LOGO is in the middle of the place, below is the better speaker part of JIAYU G4 Advanced.


    Although JIAYU G4 Advanced is equipped with a 13.0 megapixel camera, but its designed is very low-key. At the bottom of the camera also has a noise the microphone.


    More specifically, JIAYU G4 Advanced support using standard + small SIM card design, it is convenient for many users who cut the card, and it also support the WCDMA/GSM dual mode dual stay, it has a memory card extension slot, extension support 32GB memory card.


    It is worth mentioning that, JIAYU G4 Advanced is equipped with 3000 mah,but the big battery version thickness of the fuselage would be a little thick. JIAYU G4 Advanced 3000 mah battery together with the mediatek quad-core, under normal use, it reached up to three and a half days. we believe that the 3000 mah battery life can be satisfactory.

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