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    Hey all -- My contract on my current phone is up as of 3/30 so am doing some shopping now. I am presently using an old Samsung Flip type phone -- don't really care for it, but my Dad's phone died and so I gave him one of my phones and I'm actually using the older phone because my contract is up before his. Anyway, I've been with AT&T for years - no real complaints and was planning on getting an iPhone. But hearing all the good things about the Droid, I am more than a little bit interested in it! I do have one question though as it relates to Verizon coverage. I live in Oregon and travel around the state a lot, to the coast, and to some more or less obscure locations. I have not had any trouble with AT&T as far as phone calls go, but doing anything on my older phones that had to do with data, AT&T was very unsatisfactory. I am just wondering if any of you have any experience with AT&T versus Verizon for their data processing. Verizon is a bit more expensive, but not excessive. I don't mind changing if their service is good though -- and the droid just looks like too much fun!!