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    Hi All I am new to this site and to Droid 2 Global. I am so not happy with this phone since day one. I have just had to many issues and VZ thinks its a joke when I take this phone into the store. Here are my issues from day 1. (a) Text going out to people that are not even in my contacts (b.) phone gets very HOT (c) locks up (d) shuts down (e) drags (f) can see who is calling but can not answer. I have more issues but I think you get the point. This phone has been reset (factory) more times than I have fingers and toes and every time I take it into the VZ store I told that there is nothing wrong and that this phone has no know issues. I am also told that they (VZ Rep) has the same phone and that they have had no trouble. What really ticks me off is that the VZ Rep talked me out of getting the iphone and convinced me that this droid2 global was the BEST. I returned to get my money back the next day and they refused to give me back my money and told me that it would take two weeks for me to receive a refund and I stated that by the time I received my refund from them I would be stuck with the phone. The only thing they would do for me was give me the same phone. I am so upset and each time I look at this phone I want to take a bat to it. Please somebody tell me that I am not crazy and that these are known issues with this phone. At this point I am thinking that I need to go and talk to my attorney. Please somebody help!!