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    I'm new to the DroidX, and to this forum. I look forward to getting the most out of this device. So far I have done very little to change the stock features. I have work email synced along with contact search from the corp. directory, gmail WiFi Hotspot etc.

    I have noticed that YouTube videos don't use the whole screen.......is there a setting I'm missing?

    Also interested in the led notifications, is there aa app that works for the X, allowing for different colors depending on the source.

    Thanks in advance

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    welcome to the forum! in addition to the Droid Discussions section for all things Droid, we have a separate section, with several subforums, devoted entirely to the DX. there's tons of info in here, and even more people willing to help. browse around, and you'll almost certainly be able to find answers to just about any question. if not, don't hesitate to ask for help - that's why we're here!

    as for your specific questions, i'm not sure about YouTube, as i have a D1. but, they do take up the full screen on mine, so there may be something you need to tweak.

    for the LED colors, there are apps in the mkt. Blink is one i know of for sure, but there are probably others.

    browse around, post around, and stick around and join in the fun! :)