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    Jun 4, 2010
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    Just wanted to drop a line to everyone and say hey. I'm lovin my new Droid. I came from the horrendous BB Storm 9530 and am glad to have a handset that can actually function. Now I just gotta find some good apps to make this thing act the way I would like it too.

    Quick question:

    I'm really needing a better calendar app than the stock gmail apparently. I am using an outlook calendar that is much easier to use but would like a similar experience in gmail. Is this possible?

    Also, is there a way to get the home screen to rotate to landscape that I'm just not finding. Very annoying.

    Thanks for the help and I'll see u in the forums.
  2. hookbill

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    Nov 30, 2009
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    N.E. Ohio
    :welcome: to the Forum. There are other calendar apps available out there, I can't recommend one for you however I don't use them.

    Let's just double check something first. Have you gone and imported your outlook calendar to Google Calendar? Reason I ask is a lot of people don't realize it is a google phone and you can import your outlook calendar to Google Calendar, you would do that on line in your Google account.

    If you haven't done that, please do.

    If you have and you're still looking for something better, well, it's sure been nice talking to you. Hopefully someone can recommend a calendar app. You may want to search around in our apps section for that. :)

    Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help