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    I'm a few days new to my Eris coming from a Blackberry curve 8330. I'm still in the 'tween stages of missing my BB but loving my Eris. I miss the easy typing that I had on my bb. The Eris's touch keys are way too small, even on the side screen and I'm a girl with tiny fingers! O_O
    I was able to type so fast on the BB and now I feel like a noob having to go super slow and having to backspace every letter or two. i hope i get used to it.

    Anyway, I'm in Devry at the age of 37 *as of 3/31/10* getting my first degree ever in animation, 3d design and construction, advanced Illustration, web and graphic design and interactive media. I'm going to be interning at Adult Swim's Titmouse Inc which I can't wait for. :iphone:

    well, I'm a titanic historian, I do past life readings, I love all kinds of music, I help run a very popular metalocalypse forum where the Live dethchat is held every monday night at 5pmPT/8pmET for about 2 hours. FAns can talk with the band members via chat room (not via webcam or mic; they are fan ran but true to life. We had Metalocalypse Director Jon Schnepp in one of the chats; ftw). But it's fun