Heroes of Might & Jewels v1.2

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    Heroes of Might & Jewels v1.2
    Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
    Overview: Heroes of Might & Jewels, a mix of classic Glow Jewels game and breathtaking RPG!
    Turn yourself into warriors and improve the attribute of heroes by eliminating the jewels!Once you start, you can't stop!
    Swap the two stones to create at least a trio of stones with the same symbols. Defeat all enemies by your deftness and tricks, and free the country from suffering.

    Innovative gameplay with plenty of levels, exquisite graphic, fluent fighting with no lagging and more brand new features!

    The old Kartucia Kingdom is immersed in the darkness and every-day suffering inflicted by the servants of the fiery wizards. Legend has it that a hero will come and restore peace in the country. Time is getting short, however! The fiery wizards are about to open the abyss of horror, bringing thousands of demons. Everything would be really lost then. Everybody believes that you are the hero. Do not disappoint them!
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