Here Comes Halloween: Android Dissected Prepares With Offerings

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    This Halloween season will not be ignored. Leaves are turning a multitude of yellows, and orangey reds. In most cases they have already begun their downward journey to the ground below. Cool air surrounds us now and chills us to the bone. Warmth is a fond memory of Summer and her long nights wink out earlier each night. The days grow long and the veil grows thin as Halloween draws near. Ghosts and goblins alike will dance happily with the dead. Witches spin their spells in bubbling brews and blends.

    It is a time for preparation; a happy time where children amuse themselves with talk of scary costumes, haunted tales, and how much spooky candy they will collect and eat for Halloween.

    Many of you are making plans for trick or treating, Halloween parties and planning out that long anticipated and perfect scare on that friend whom you could never surprise.

    We too here at Android Dissected are busying ourselves in preparation for the upcoming Halloween festivities. We are raking the leaves, carving the pumpkins, decorating the court yard, and testing out all the candy and apps/products we possibly can. We here strive to do more than inform you, we aim to give you a thrilling experience unmatched by any other.

    Even Andy makes his festive appearance known at this time of year. You can find him in all things Android and as the holiday approaches we see more and more of him trying on different costumes, partaking of candy, and having his image carved in pumpkins all over the world.

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