Here Come The Roms For The Verizon HTC One. Too Bad You Probably Can't Flash Them.

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    Hyperdrive is one of the first Roms to make it's way to the Verizon variant of the HTC One. If you are one of a handful of people who were able to head to on release day and unlock your bootloader before Htc removed the ability to do so, you will be able to install Hyperdirve and any other Rom that comes out for this device.

    Hyperdrive is a Sense rom with most of the bloatware removed. It is performance minded and built for stability. Some custom features include a reboot menu, supercharged service.jar for no redraws, extended horizontal and vertical quick settings, battery calibration binaries, ad blocking, es file explorer, xposed framwork, cm torch, android 4.3 camera with photosphere, and much more. You can grab it from the source link below.

    Via XDA
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