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    Ok, Im extremely new to all of this. So i just rooted my phone and wanted to download a ROM. Without really reading in on it, I just jumped in from a youtube video i was watching. I used clockword ROM manager and went into the boot menu right away without downloading the rom onto the sd card. (I know im stupid) i continued on to wipe all the stuff and etc. when I finally got to where i was supposed to load the Rom... i exited the boot menu right there. My phone was reset completely. so i assumed it was unrooted and tryed to root it like i did the first time. (using acehack if it helps to say). as it was what i thought was re-rooting, the command prompt froze for about and hour. so i decided to just unplug it and take out the batter and now its just stuck at the loading screen where it says htc. ive taken out the battery at least 5 times and left it over night. Im completely out of ideas...
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