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    Big problemo!

    Hi for all ya!

    I have a BIG problem![​IMG] I have a Lg Optimus Black and i root it with Gingerbreak. But...i thing i have uninstall some sys app because when i connect the phone to pc it is not working.

    I think I accidentally deleted an app but I do not know which one. Because at some point my phone move very hard when I delete the apps and in the some point he asked me 2 times if I'm sure to delete the app.

    And do not know which app is for USB mass storage.

    But i`m not sure.

    My pc says that the usb device connected can not be recognized by Windows (XP)

    I found a app: Root Toolbox. The menu has submenu "Mount" and when I squeeze it shows "USB Mount Option". Here i found: SD Dual-Mount, Unmount SD from PC, Dual-Mount EXT,Unmount EXT from PC.
    Does it help me?

    Please hepl me!:(