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    iv got brand new razor but tried to do eris one click on other. trackball dead. eris has just been a play phone at home (wi-fi) so if i can i wanted to know i could do it before i tried a week old phone. im one of those who for most of my 20's never touched a pc so im havin to learn+ eris had been lost bout yr before 6 months ago. it came out the bx with2.1. i think i have everything on pc(win xp) loaded right but not sure, got sdk log manager goin, flashzip and amanrecovery in .zip but not sure if i got everything right. i cant tell if i have everything right or i cant tell bout the commands im supposed to type. i mean things or commands im supposed to type im not sure how to. hard to see in any video i c. plus got 2 boys fightin one another and w me all the time. plus in need a vocab lesson on computer vocab. it makes me feel like an idiot and i thought i had some sense. if anyone could help or put me on to link id b extremely greatful. thanks guys an gals

    ps. this was my first or second post of my life. time to join the real world.:D:biggrin::happy3: