HELP with internal memory, and busybox

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    I'm trying to do this hack
    AllDroid - View topic - HACK: Freeing internal memory
    that I found on alldroid but I'm not having any luck at all. it keeps giving me a file not found at this command
    cp mot_boot_mode mot_boot_mode.bin
    i realized I didnt have busybox installed. Went thru all the steps and seems like it did everything write on install...but how can I tell if it did install? for some reason my droid no longer asked to allow superuser permission when I put in SU on the adb shell.

    Also 1 last thing since I already got a thread started. can anyone tell me where in the phone I need to go to clear up some memory. under settings I found that I have 104MB of internal memory available. but my thing is when I use task panel KILL ALL it keeps telling me total avail memory anywhere between 50-60MB. is that cache? how can I clear it out?
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