help with droidinc2 root plz!!!

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by khriztian704, May 12, 2012.

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    Ok im new here and at this please help me.. and sorry for my lack of knowledge!. Ok first i think i have succesfully rooted my phone. But i have many questions.. irooted it by using revolutionary .. and yes i have super user onstalled... Before i rooted it, i checked my phone's software information... This is what i had..

    Android version. 2.3.3

    Htc version. 2.1

    More. Baseband,kernel,etc

    And some software number...

    After i rooted it , it still says the same thing!!..,is that ok??? Or is it supposed to say gingerbread version??. O dont know..
    or did i installed the wrong root??

    I also have more problems... I downloaded sslaunchwr and gingerbread launcher... After tryin to cuztumise it, i unstalled both launchers..and it took me back to my regular verizon launcher.. and when i tried to opoen up youtube it said this is not linked to the device any longer!!!... Wtf!!.. i dragged the youtube app and deleted it from my homescreen!!.. now i xant find it pn my phone!!!.. is not in the app list.. i try to download it from the market and wont let me cuz ot says installed but cant open it..... And i also cant sync my gmail ... When i clcick on it it says it is not synced... But when i settings and try to sync it... I get a warning sayin 401 not aithorized!!!.... WTF... PLZ HELP...WHAT DID I DO WRONG !!!