help wifi apps not working anylonger?

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    Feb 4, 2011
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    I have a Droid Eris rooted. my wife has the motorla droid 1. we both have been using pda net for some time now. about 2 months ago. i rooted our phones. i dont remember what rom i put on my wifes. but i have 2 roms on my eris i have the planjane rom and the cynagen 10. on my phone. we have both been using the wifi app for over a month with no problems. now the 3g signal drops all the time and we get no internet? i have tried switching back and forth on my roms for my eris it seems to work fine for a day. then go back to droping signal while using the app. i have tried barnicle too. i cant ever get that working. :-( is verizon blocking me? this is my main internet at home since i live where there is no high speed internet. pdanet will work fine. just not the wifi apps. how can they tell i have the app on? as soon as i turn the wifi app off i will get my 3g back and can surf with no problem. and it doesnt matter what type of signal i have. i could have 1 bar or be next to the tower with 5 bars and i get the same thing?

    any thoughts?