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    Hey All,

    I have a Android Revolution 2.3.4 - VS910V7...

    I rooted it (not knowing what I was doing, just following directions) using a file called "", and it rooted.

    I then decided that I wanted the phone back to "out of the box". So I went back to that zip file and unrooted it thinking that would return it to stock. It doesn't. So I did a factory data reset from phone, also thinking it would go back to stock and it wiped my phone. Every time I would reboot, it would go to that clockwork screen and stay there. THEN I found this other file I had to put on my sd card called "exitrecovery" and I got my phone back.

    Now I am getting daily updates from Verizon and it always fails, landing on a Clockwork mode screen with all these options to do different things.

    People are saying that its great to have a rooted phone with a custom ROM ect... Ok. So what I want to do now, is get my phone to out of box state to be able to update the phone, root it again and put some custom ROM on it to see what all the excitement is about

    How do I start to attempt this feat?

    I am so lost as how to do this without killing my phone.