HELP!!! Update bionic to .893 immediated response would be highly appreciated

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    i have the droid bionic .886 rooted, and ive flashed back to stock numerous times to try to recieve the .893 update, but keep being told my device is up to date. ive used the cheesecake app and it keeps telling me i need a motorola support acct (which i have), i click setup and it says i have no internet when im connected to my wifi or when im using my mobile network, and i even tried downloading the update and flashing it, but after it verifys the update, it aborts it. i really would like this update and i dont know what else to do and im getting ready to throw my device into on coming traffic. i use to be a beast with this stuff on the OG Droid, but now i feel like a newb n its really gettin under my skin. any advice, help, or anything would be much appreciated and srry for the newb question...

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    oh how i miss the OG Droid ways....
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