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Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by jskyler91, Mar 14, 2010.

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    Hi guys,
    First of all, if i am not allowed to post things about other forums i am sorry and you can delete this, but the guys over at alldroid have been working on a desire port for the droid and have basically finished it except for the. phone. I don't completely understand this so i will let them do the talking for me. Here is what they said they are having trouble with:

    "Regardless if they use the Incredible dump or the Desire dump, the are still going to run into the issue with radio not being setup properly. For a progress update, they are pretty much done with porting the ROM over but are stuck with whats called the RIL not being configured for the Droid.

    The RIL is what communicates between the ROM and the onboard radio. The problem that lyes ahead is that even if we took part the RIL from the Incredible dump, since its Verizon CDMA based, is that its meant for HTC Qualcrap boards instead of Texas Instrument boards that the Droid uses. At the moment, they need a programmer who is very familiar with RIL programming to complete the last piece in the puzzle by configuring the existing Moto Droid RIL to work with the HTC ROM"

    SO since this is a droid forum, I was hoping i could post this and see if anyone had any familiarity with this and was willing to help out. It would be to the benefit of all droids and greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. BTW ask around if you are part of other forums.