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    I recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4. I sadly forgot to back-up all my files and whatnot before continuing any further. I used Titanium Backup to remove some bloatware files, which lead to crashing my music application. I restored all the files back to their original locations and everything to see if that would make everything better, to no avail. I then decided to do a factory restore/recovery to wipe everything and start with a clean slate. Which leads to my current issue, I can't get passed the setup screen. This is how it looks: The Samsung logo loads, then it goes to another Samsung logo screen with "Custom" and an unlocked lock, then it goes to the at&t logo, then to the setup screen. Asks for language, Wi-Fi options, Name, E-mail, Device name, key features. Then the Finish button is available, and I press it, then Settings crashes saying, "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped". I have gone through the process of rebooting the phone into the recovery mode and restoring factory settings from there multiple times with no success. What can I do? Help? Please and thank you.
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