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    Can someone point me in to which xml file and where do i need to edit to change the progressbar_indeterminate png from using 4 to using 8 pngs?

    right now i have replaced progressbar_indeterminate1, 2, 3, 4, but it looks a little jumpy... so was hoping to could change it to use 4.

    Also if someone can tell me which file xml to edit the level indicator bar.
    For example, when you volume up or down, or adjust the brightness level.
    Its not the color i want to chane but the size. Would like to make the thickness 1/3 of the size like image [2].


    image 2. This was after applying honeycomb theme. But I'mm looking to work it directly in to the framework if possible so to keep bloat in the phone to a minimal.
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