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    I am sorry, flame away, I would like to "hack" my old droid x so my kids can use it as a music player and for wifi. I did a factory reboot, so they couldn't access any confidential information, e-mails, etc. Now it is asking for an activation from verizon. Is there anyway for me to endrun this and just start it up just a a device with no phone/3-G capabilities? And in case you didn't already guess, I am a complete dumb____ when it come to this kind of thing.
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    No flames, and no need to apologize...this is DroidForums, where everyone is treated with respect. We were ALL newbies once.

    There is a way to bypass, but it may be different for different models. The one I remember for the OG Droid and Droid 2 (and Droid X - Confirmed), is to press each corner, starting from either top left, in a clockwise direction in that screen.

    Here it is:

    View attachment 57829

    Some also work to simply hit either the home key or back key. This is true of 4G phones with a Sim Card.

    Also, for your benefit what I did for my son's D2 (my old phone) was to register it to my Gmail account. It doesn't hurt things and allows the installation of applications (*and monitoring of what's installed*) from the Play Store account tied to that Gmail account. I can send my son apps, and can both install and update from there. Frankly I think it's better that way, than not being registered, and I believe there needs to be a Gmail account registered to the phone to even use the Play Store. Note: that doesn't mean they have to have your Gmail email client and access to your inbox.

    Good Luck! :biggrin:
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