Help me please! Back up issue with Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Custom & Themes' started by pandawok56, May 7, 2011.

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    I'm new to these forums so I'm not really sure if this is a known problem but I'll give you guys a little background of what lead to my issue.

    So I rooted my Droid X last night using SuperOneClick and worked fine. Downloaded a bunch of root apps including ROM Manager and Bootstrap. I backed up my phone using bootstrap perfectly fine and everything was working good until this afternoon when I did another backup after getting rid of a few old unused apps. During the back up process, my phone crashes and goes into the reboot screen. It stayed on the M logo for a good half hour. I finally pulled the battery and loaded into recovery mode. I attempted to restore my backup from the previous night multiple times but it kept freezing in the middle of the process. After several battery pulls (I know not a very good idea but i didn't know what else to do) my X finally turned on normally but it was like a brand new phone. I don't know much about the backup process but from what I've read, my phone is supposed to be just like how it was, now restored.

    I've linked my google account so I can get everything back, my photos/videos are still there and from the apps that I've tried to use, they're like the way they were (haven't tried any games yet because theyre still downloading).

    However I'm tempted to try another attempt at loading my back up now that I'm home but is it a good idea? Or is linking google accounts the way bootstrap backs up apps? My phone is currently still downloading all my old apps that i got off the marketplace so I might just wait until thats finished, then maybe think about.

    BTW: For some reason my phone can't connect to 3G either. Earlier today it was fine and I was even surprised that I got 3G at work which I never get. But half way through the day it just went back to normal phone connection. I thought it was because of my work but now that I'm back at my house I still don't have 3G connection. Is this an issue with my phone or do you think it's just my connection?

    Thanks so much for the help :)