Help me figure out whats making my cpu work so hard

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    Hello somewhat of a nooby to this sortof thing. Im not 100% sure where to post my question so here goes.

    I have heard a few people in past few weeks complaining of cpu bouncing from really low to high and they couldn't figure out what was causing it.

    So today I spend testing out sweeter home 2. So far I like it alot, but with all the different versions I tried I installed all the apps people had running and I started to notice my cpu doing that same thing, Im wondering if its just having this beta on here doing it to me. I tried going tack to my gde which was running nicely for not being rooted or overclocked. Now I have spent the past 2 hours trying to uninstall things backng them up to archive first but its still doing it.

    Any suggestions one what I should try uninstalling next. I really hope I figure this out cause my new droid will be here at the end of the week, I was hoping to run something like this setup I have been using on sweeter home 2

    UPDATE: Im still not sure what it was after uninstalling about 50+ apps it seems to be normal again
    wonder if its just a certain combination of apps that was doing it.
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